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Diana Larisgoitia, PhD/LPC

Diana Larisgoitia, PhD LPC

Dr. Diana hails from Buenos Aires, Argentina where she was born, educated and grew up in the midst of a professional family.  She is the oldest of three brothers and since childhood wanted to become an early childhood teacher and a clinical psychologist.


After graduating as an early education teacher at the “Sarah Eccleston” Teacher Training Institute she worked in that capacity and studied clinical psychology at the University of Buenos Aires.


She came to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1983 to work as a clinician and to study for her PhD program in Special Education at Temple University.  She continued her studies at the Harvard School of Education in Human Development as well as Drexel University in Family Therapy.  

Dr. Diana obtained her license as a professional counselor in Pennsylvania in 2013 and opened her private practice: Buenos Aires Counseling Center shortly thereafter where she provides services for children, adolescents and adults in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.  

In her free time, Dr. Diana enjoys doing craft work, knitting and sewing quilts that she has displayed in several institutions and art galleries.  


"Diana brings an international perspective and multi-cultural approach to her therapy."




At Buenos Aires Counseling Center, we implement effective psychotherapy methods to instill self-understanding among patients and encourage them to adopt new attitudes and feelings towards life situations. It is essential to keep in mind that therapy is not a magic pill or a quick fix: therapy is a healing process that necessitates participation and investment from the patient and caretaker alike. But in the end, making small changes in self-defeating behavior and in feelings of sadness, fear, and pain can bring life-altering results - and with our services, we will help you achieve just that.  Services are personalized to suit everyone’s needs, and we go the extra mile to provide you with all the tools you need to recover from your overwhelming distress that prevents you from living a happy and fulfilling life. 





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