School Assessments

At times, and for a variety of reasons, children fail to thrive in the school environment. This causes distress to teachers as well as parents who struggle to help their children be successful socially and academically.  It is important to determine the reason for the struggle and failure in order to secure that the children have access to a successful future.

Many times children become insecure and or oppositional in the academic environment as a reflection of the difficulties that they have in their own home environment.  A thorough analysis of the ways children fail to thrive in the academic progress may lead to the discovery of the sources of the stress.  By the use of measuring tools that will yield data about their mental status it will be possible to identify the need of specialized educational services at home, school and the community to help the child or youngster accomplish their goals in life.

Dr. Diana has consulted for the Rock School of Dance as a consultant for Classical Ballet students that need emotional support during their training.

Diana provides psychotherapy services for national and international students of classical ballet at the Rock School of Dance in Philadelphia.  For children, adolescents and young adults both commuters and living in the residence of the school, who due to the rigor of the academic and dance training become vulnerable to psychological distress and severe performance anxiety.  She provides those services both, at the school or in her office, depending on the age and permission of the students to travel independently in the community. 

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